All You Need to Know About Bohol Before Booking Your Trip

All You Need to Know About Bohol Before Booking Your Trip

In search of the best places to explore within the Philippines? You came to the right place!

Whether you are a Filipino kababayan, balikbayan, or even a foreign visitor looking for an adventure in the Visayas (or the entire Philippines), Bohol is definitely one tourist spot you shouldn’t miss.

And if by chance you’re eager to know what makes a Bohol Island trip worthwhile, lo and behold! We’re ready to tell you the basics of travelling to this beautiful place you can call your second home. So make sure you read this article from start to finish.

Bohol Facts and Trivias

Out of the 7,604 Philippine islands (You read that right. As of 2016-2017, we’ve added 534 more islands to our archipelago! Yay!), Bohol ranks tenth in size. Any visitor will need to visit a total of 4821 sq km, including a coastline of 261 km, to completely explore this province.

The name of the island-province Bohol most probably came from the term “Bo’ol,” where Datu Sikatuna and Spanish conqueror Miguel Lopez de Legazpi had their blood compact/ international peace treaty in 1565. The treaty in Bo’ol happened just a few kilometers from the province’s capital, Tagbilaran City.

Bohol is closest to the island-provinces of Cebu and Leyte, and is separated from Mindanao by the Bohol Sea/Mindanao Sea. If you love island hopping, you’ll have up to 75 surrounding islands and islets to see aside from mainland Bohol  to explore during your stay.

Included in these 75 islands in the Panglao island in Bohol, a top tourist destination in the Philippines. If you want to experience white sand and clear water, Alona Beach in Panglao is a great place to visit.  This sister island, just like mainland Bohol, is perfect for fun activities such as dolphin watching, kitesurfing, fishing, island hopping, snorkeling, and scuba-diving.

Even with an average of 101 days of rain, Bohol still enjoys a predominantly dry and humid climate with rains from June to October and November to January. So you can always come and visit the island all year round.

So unless you have done your research or paid a visit, you should know that there’s more to Bohol tourism than the Chocolate Hills and tarsiers. So whenever you can, make sure to add this destination to your bucket list. It will be well worth it!

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