Beaches of Bohol

Beaches Front Bohol


Check out these great beaches that would surely take your breath away. Each offers a magnificent seascape of blue waters paired with glowing snow-white sand that seems irresistible and magical to the eyes. Aside from that, tourists can enjoy rich ecosystem thatthe beachs are blessed. Get ready to be pampered and spoiled with comfort, adventure, and bliss.

Panglao Island
Many have praised this island as one of the best places to spend your vacation. Nurtured by resorts such as the Bohol Beach Club, Panglao Island Nature Resort, Alona Palm Beach Resort, or Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa are just among the many too-good-to-be-true havens that could thoroughly redefine your taste for pleasure and comfort. Not only that, Panglao is one of the many islands of Bohol that have been blessed with a diverse marine life that rivals other good diving sites in the country.

Getting to Panglao Island:

Once you arrive at the city pier or at the airport, you’d instantly be greeted by a dozen or more people carrying laminated signs bearing the name of the hotel/resort they are representing. You have the freedom to choose which Bohol hotel or resort you wish to stay in, and the lucky driver that you happen to pick will gladly take you to the destination with his van/taxi parked a few meters away,It is much better to make advanced reservations to avoid any inconvenience and discomforts.

Panglao Island is located on the south of Tagbilaran City. Travel varies depending on the resort that you have chosen for your stay.

Dubbed as Bohol’s Boracay, the beach of Anda stretches to a long strait of pure snow-white sand that when blown into the wind, it is easily swept away like sifted powder. For many, it is a mind-baffling fact that walking on it feels like you’re walking on carpet – that’s how pure the sand is on Anda Beach. Be amazed by the tranquility of the seascape, left untouched and unspoiled, located far, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Though the journey might be a little long, what costs you cannot overwhelm the wonder that waits on the shores of Anda. Surely, the moment you step on the smooth fine sand and being carefully caressed by the sweet sea breeze, you probably wouldn’t want to leave right away, would you?

How to Get to Anda Beach:
From Dao Terminal, hop on a bus destined for Anda. Once you arrive at the town center, there are signs put up where it can easily be seen. You can ask a local to show you directions to the resort.

There are a few resorts created near the shorelines of Anda, such as the Anda White Beach Resort and The Flower-Beach Resort ready to take your reservations and do the necessary arrangements from transportation, provisions and scuba-diving privileges. Facilities include pools, bungalows/villas, and restauranst.

Anda is located about 100 km from the provincial city, Tagbilaran. Advanced bookings are greatly advised for a more convenient travel.

Cabilao Island
Another spectacular display of Mother Nature’s marvel is found at Cabilao Island, which located at the west of Tagbilaran City. This island has three (3) resorts namely; Polaris Beach & Dive Resort, La Estrella Beach Resor,t and Cabilao Beach Resort – each geared with a place to stay, dine, and unwind for a calm and enjoyable Bohol vacation. If you’re a big fan of hammerhead sharks, then this place is the right one for you. During the peak season from December to June, these creatures are commonly seen around the island, together with other thriving marine life such as barracudas, jacks, seahorses, other sharks, pipefishes and a wide collection of corals, thus making this spot perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Getting to Cabilao:
You can catch a bus bound for the town of Loon at the Dao Terminal and drop off at the town center. From there, look for a jeepney en route for Barangay Mocpoc, which is located at the western end of Sandingan Island. Here you can find a small pier where outrigger boats are on standby for passengers who are destined for Cabilao Island. The ride takes about an hour or so to cross the waters of Cebu Strait.