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Until the time that the Spanish have completely established on the island of Bohol, the majority of earlier records have indicated that the Boholanos or Bol-anons were naturally friendly, kind, and mild-tempered.

Back then, the Spaniards have termed the native inhabitants of the island as ‘Pintados,’ meaning painted – since their bodies have almost been covered with tattoos except for the face. But despite the actual appearance of the Pintados, the Spaniards were instantly awed by their hospitality and friendliness towards outlanders.

Later on, as the island was named Bohol after the word Boho meaning hole, the inhabitants were now called Boholanos. Because the island is surrounded by large bodies of waters, the people have developed affection for sea navigation. Having mastered the basics, Boholanos have become expert sea-farers and traders.

The Boholanos are generally known for their hospitality and friendliness towards strangers and tourists. These religious people easily win the affection and admiration of outsiders because of their humility and amiable nature. Another trait often indicated for the locals of Bohol is thriftiness. It just goes to show that they know when and how to spend their savings.

Sometimes, Boholanos tend to overdo their being hospitable and friendly only because they wish full satisfaction and convenience to their visitor. But despite all of the different claims about the Boholano trait, they remain modest and high-spirited people.