Danao Adventure Park

Danao Adventure Park
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For people who enjoy having love affairs with thrill, danger, excitement and adrenaline pumping action, there’s no doubt they wouldn’t miss this recreational hub in Danao, Bohol.

They call this Danao Adventure Park, with the famous ecotourism concept of Eco/Extreme/Educational Adventure Tour in Danao or commonly known as E.A.T. Danao. This is an LGU (Local Government Unit) established and run facility with the goal to mainly promote tourism in the town of Danao, as well as to dedicate this movement to the honored Francisco Dagohoy who led the longest Philippine Revolutionary Movement against the Spaniards during their colonization period.

A two hour trip (72 km) to this destination from the provincial city might be a bit tiring, but the moment you step on the earth, your high spirits will be soaring back to you as the excitement begins to build up inside. Prepare yourselves for the upcoming feat, and certainly, the following activities are not for the faint hearted.

Suislide – as of December 2008, the zipline in Danao was declared as the Philippine’s longest and highest zipline with a distance of half a kilometer from one mountain to another. This one minute ride has been dubbed as the famous Sui-slide as you go across terrains on a superman stunt, 200 meters high from the ground below

Plunge – similar to that of a bungee jump, except that:
i. You don’t have to jump but you are lowered down on top of a metal plank and you suddenly go on a dive
ii. You don’t bounce. Instead, you sway back and forth
iii. You are strapped around the body, not on the ankles

The plunge is a 50 meter freefall from a cliff that is 200 meters high

River Trekking – this activity is a combination of Wood Trekking, Climbing and Swimming that would take at least 2 hours to a maximum of an entire day along the Wahig River

Sky Ride – one gets to ride a cable car that can hold up a maximum of 6 people. Take note that you are sitting 200 meters high off the ground, from one mountain to the other.

Wall Climbing and Rappelling – get the chance to climb up and down walls – overgrown by thick roots of full grown trees dangling on the side of the cliff.

Kayaking – go through rough and smooth sailing across the Wahig river with the use of a kayak

Caving – explore a vast number of caves which was allegedly was used by Francisco Dagohoy as special and hidden route for the uprising against the Spaniards.

Tyrolean Traverse – is a method of crossing from one point to another through free space on a rope without a hanging cart or cart equivalent.

This vast adventure park is an answer to every adrenaline-junkie’s prayer. But if an easier glide through the park is preferred, tourists actually get to pick among 3 categories that would best suit their taste for adventure:

1. Eco Adventure Tour – for a more laid-back tour of the mountains and dense forests that include bird watching, on-site organic farm visit, kayaking at the Wahig river, caving, rice field walking and sight seeing

2. Extreme Adventure Tour – if your thirst screams for more adrenaline adventure, this package is definitely for you. Activities such as River Trekking, Tyrolean Traverse, Rappelling, Bouldering, Rock Climbing, Suislide and the Plunge are on the hot sizzling menu

3. Educational Adventure Tour – involves creative instruction and teaching of tourists on how to preserve natural creations and cultural inheritance through activities such as forest preservation, organic farming methods, and of course, the famed Francisco Dagohoy’s legacy in Bohol

Drained from all those exhilarating activities mentioned above, it is best to visit these admirable and interesting spots to help restore a piece of tranquility to one’s mind and spirit:

Dagohoy Hill – witness stunning landscapes and picturesque mountains that spread around you. For a more spectacular view, this hill is best trekked early in the morning, where you get to see a misty sight that adds mystique to the place

Kamaria Cave – has a natural pool good for drinking and swimming, bestowed with stalagmites and stalactites, as well as a surviving group of albino crabs, bats and cave fishes. This cave was named after a woman named ‘Maria’ who supposedly owned this cave

Restaurant – get a ecstatic dose of health, heavenly aroma and luscious flavor of food served at the restaurant. They serve a wide array of healthy and organic cuisine that could surely satiate your hungry taste buds

To Get There:
It is best to make necessary arrangements and reservations in advance for a smooth ride towards EAT Danao. Travel agencies can pave way for your transportation and communication with the Danao Adventure Park staff.

If you wish to commune, this would take an even much longer time since buses en route for Danao make numerous stops along the because of fellow passengers who are bound to other places beside Danao. Once you arrive at the town center, you can hire a motorbike or maybe a van who could take you to the park which is located in Barangay Magtangtang, a few kilometers away from the town center.

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