If you are looking to eat somewhere between home and 5star restaurant in Bohol then there is no other place than Gerarda’s. They not only have the finest filipino cuisines but really they know their food and how to make you want more.

Short History of the place:

Gerarda’s is located in a historic family house with antiques, polished floorboards, sparkling cutlery and ambient jazz, sophisticated Gerarda’s does fabulous Filipino food. Associated with Alison’s Seafood Park chain, Gerarda’s is so confident about the quality of its food that you don’t have to pay if you don’t like it.

Our top food choices you MUST try at Gerarda’s

Dinakdakan at Gerarda’s is prepared slightly different from your traditional dinakdakan which uses goat meat. If you are a meat eater then this is good for you roast pork belly marinated in spices, spring onions, chili, tomatoes, ginger, salt, pepper, sugar, mayonnaise and calamansi.

Ube Kinampay at Gerarda’s uses the best ube variety they could find because consistency and good food is all they offer. Ubi Kinampay ranges from a marbled white-purple variety to deep purple. It is native to the province, especially in the rocky and sandy soils of Panglao Island and Guindulman but originally and according to the owner the best ube kinampay variety is found in Ubay.

Kare-kare in this menu you can get 2 options go for the seafood kare-kare or the beef kare-kare honestly either one tastes amazing. Both are creamy and just well balanced and plus if you are a peanut butter lover then you shouldn’t miss this!

The Crispy Tadyang is prepared with a vinegar dip mixed with onions. This crispy beef ribs are often boiled first with soy sauce, black pepper and garlic then deep-fried it perfectly goes with rice.

CPG Branch Story

Because  Gerarda’s became very successful with their first brach they open a another branch to be more accessible to everyone it is located at CPG Avenue just adjacent to City Hardware.

Gerarda’s Family Restaurant Main

30 J.S Torralba St
Tagbilaran City
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Telephone no:
Call (038) 412 3044

Gerarda’s Family Restaurant CPG Branch

CPG North Avenue
Tagbilaran City
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Telephone No.
Call (038) 501 0106