The Macaque Monkeys “Crab Eating Monkeys” in Loon.

The Macaque Monkeys “Crab Eating Monkeys” in Loon.

Nature and wildlife lovers will surely love this new tourist attraction that has enticed foreign and domestic tourists to come o the wonderful island of Bohol, particularly in the small village situated within the quite town of loon – where hundreds of gentle monkeys make the pristine mangrove forest as home.

Yes, Bohol is home not only to the world-famous tarsier but also to the crab eating species of monkeys called Macaque that have also been around for hundreds of years, feating on the crab rich mangrove forest in Barangay,Cantumocad.

The Macaque Monkey Tour takes tourist to a 100-meter boardwalk that leads to the interior part of the new destination. affording each visitor a glimpse of the lives of these uniquely fascinating monkeys in their natural habitats – weather they are looking for crabs, sleeping on trees, or just “monkeying” around with other monkeys.

This destination, another addition to the various tourist destinations in Bohol, not only gives a wonderful close encounter experience with the monkeys in their natural habitat but also provides a breathtaking view of the mangrove forest that is home to various species of flora and fauna.

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